"Must Have Been God"

Dear Friends and Family,

We had an exciting 2018 and the start of 2019 has been even more exciting. Normally we aren’t to busy at the start of a new year due to winter weather, but this year it has been quit different. We have had seven Healing and Miracle Services, one speaking engagement, and seven services where we ministered with prayer for people, just in the first four months of this year. We are seeing what could be the start of a Healing Revival. God has truly been faithful. God has been prompting us to start moving out into more cities. This will mean more traveling for us and at greater traveling expenses. We normally minister at a distance were we can do all our travel in one day, or where people have invited us to spend the night with them. But we know that if God sends us He will provide for us. God has placed an urgent prompting  on us that says there isn’t much time and for us to reach out to as many as we can with the healing and saving message of Jesus, for His returning is near. But the devil doesn’t like it and is trying to stop the move of God by throwing obstacles in our way. April 23rd I had emergency heart surgery. I was having chest pains off and on for a couple months, so I made an appointment with the cardiologist at Borgess Heart Center in Kalamazoo Michigan, it’s across the street from the Hospital. There is a ramp going over the street between the Heart Center and the hospital. When the cardiologist checked me over, he said that he could barely hear my heart valves open and close. He then told me that I wasn’t going home and he was admitting me to the hospital and was going to do surgery as soon as they could make an opening. They put me in a wheel chair and rushed me over the ramp and into the hospital and began prepping me for surgery. They found that my heart had three blockages. One of the main arteries was blocked 99% closed and it was in the artery where it branches off. This probably would have made it to where they would have had to do bypass surgery. But the cardiologist decided to attempt to stent it. He was successful. After the surgery he came into the room where Lena and her sister Ursula were waiting. Lena told me that he looked exhausted and told her that he didn’t know how he got the stent through and then said, “It Must Have Been God”. If I would have had a bypass, it would have taken me out of ministry for several months. But that wasn’t the will of God. Now I have just a short recovery time and I’ll be back in ministry soon.

When we were at Martin Temple last Sunday, Pastor Martin told his congregation that I needed to rest and he wasn’t going to let me pray for anyone, but instead they were going to be praying for me. He did let me have a few words at the end of the service.

Jesus truly is Our Healer, Deliverer, Miracle Worker, and Our Savior. He’s the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End.

I would like to share a few miracles that God did just in the past four months of this year 2019 at the following churches.

Healing and Miracle Service at “The Connection Min. Intl.” in Wyoming Michigan. Pastor Vince Inosencio.

Healing and Miracle Services at “Lake Michigan Christian Center” in Bridgman Michigan. Pastor Erik Gustafson.

Three Healing and Miracle Services at “Pentecostal Temple” in Michigan City Indiana. Pastor Robert Johnson.

Healing and Miracle Services at “The Church in Benton Harbor” in Benton Harbor Michigan. Pastor Albert Adams.

Healing and Miracle Services at “Unity Temple” in Benton Harbor Michigan.
Bishop William Nichols.

A man with three bulging disc. Pain left and he was able to move freely.
A young man with partial hearing in one ear. Hearing was restored.
A young man whose ear ducts were closed. Ear ducts opened up.
Lady with one hip higher than the other due to a short leg. Leg grew out and hip straighten.
Many with pinched sciatic nerve. Nerve released and all pain gone.
Lady with scoliosis of the back. Back straighten up.
Lady had pain when moving her neck. All pain left.
Many with knee problems. All pain left.
Man couldn’t stand without having back pain. Able to stand without pain.
Young man had hurt his thigh muscle. Was able to move without any pain.
Man couldn’t bend completely over. Was able to bend and touch the floor.
Young lady had problems hearing. Could now hear without her hearing aid.
Young lady with injured ankle healed.
Woman who wanted to commit suicide was delivered and totally set free.
Woman with no knee padding (bone on bone) all pain left.
Woman with fibromyalgia had pain all over her body. All her pain left.
Woman that injured her tail bone and had pain while sitting. Able to sit without any pain.
Woman with vertigo had her balance restored.
Little girl with asthma turned to her mother and said “I can breathe, I can breathe”.
Man that needed a double knee replacement began jumping and leaping without any pain.
Lady with a bad rotator cuff gained full movement without any pain.
Man with a cataract and glaucoma in his eyes was healed and could read a sign at back of church.
Man with pinched nerve in his neck, pain going down his arm and numbness in his hand was completely healed.

Jesus not only wants to heal us and set us free, He wants us to accept Him into our hearts and live for Him. He is ready to forgive us of all our sin and wrong doing. Many of us have been searching for love, joy, and peace of mind. But we have been looking in all the wrong places. Jesus is the only one that can give you true love, joy, and peace of mind.

If you haven’t asked Jesus to come into your heart and to forgive you, or if you once knew Him, but have fallen away. Now is the time to start a new life with Jesus.


Richard and Lena McNees    


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